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  • Mapping Literature (and Family History)

    By Dino Ljubijankic Yes, you need to take your Senior Seminar, ENG 444. You’re an English major and if you want to graduate, you gotta do it. I know that the amount of reading, writing, and research required in these courses is a little daunting.  But maybe you’re interested in an English class that’s a […]

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  • 100 Years of #BSUEnglish

    By Cathy Day If Ball State is celebrating its 100th birthday, then so is the English department. We’ve been here from the beginning. The story of #bsuenglish is a microcosm of the story of the humanities in higher education. To tell that story, I spent a day digging around the Digital Media Repository at the […]

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  • 5 Reads for Thanksgiving Break

    By: CW Cain Let’s be frank: Thanksgiving is an awkward subject. The images we associate with Thanksgiving are, at best, sugar-coated. That “first Thanksgiving” in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621? It’s a nice story–until you think about all that happened next in colonial/Native American relations.  What do you do when the first chapter of the story […]

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