Month: December 2013

  • English Department Blog on Holiday Hiatus

    We would like to wish you all happy holidays and an enjoyable break! We will continue posting on our blog in the spring when classes resume on January 6.  We have a lot of great posts lined up, including “Recommended Reads” posts from Katherine Greene, Todd McKinney, and Jeff Frawley, “New Faculty Profiles” featuring Diane […]

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  • English 444 Blank Book Sale: December 3rd and 5th

    Sustainability is an important goal of immersive learning courses.  Preferably, immersive projects can continue to run as part of the standard curriculum.  The department of English has several sustained immersive learning projects, including the Broken Plate literary journal, Creative Writing in the Community, and Book Binding, which is one section of the capstone course, English […]

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