Every spring, we gather and distribute awards and scholarships. This year, we’ll continue that tradition—online!

Join us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages on Friday, April 24th from 4:00pm – 5:00pm as we hold our Online English Awards Ceremony. Towards the end of the event, we’ll be announcing the winner of the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award!

We look forward to celebrating with you, #bsuenglish.

In case you missed it live, here is the whole thing as a YouTube playlist.

Welcome / Introduction

Pat Collier, Department Chair


An Interlude & Reading

Valerie Weingart Introducing River Teeth & Beautiful Things

“Weight of Bones” by Jennifer Filardo, read by Bekah Hoffer

“And I Will Give You As Many Roast Bones As You Need” by Sean Ironman, read by Jonah James


Elizabeth Martin Scholarship

Named in honor of a former secretary for the administrative assistant to the department chair, the Elizabeth Martin Scholarship is presented to English majors displaying those characteristics of scholarship, character, and leadership.

Cassidy Ogan

“She comes prepared to every class, shares her deep and intelligent insights into the assigned readings, and can think on the spot often underlining connections amongst texts and concepts with amazing clarity and deep reflection.”

Drew Shaeffer

“I know her to be an excellent and curious student and a gifted communicator full of positive energy.”


Leslie and Patrick Ballard Scholarship

The Leslie and Patrick Ballard Scholarship is intended for future teachers of English. It was established by Leslie Ballard, a Ball State graduate in English education and Patrick Ballard, a Ball State graduate in political science.

Emily Badger

“In a semester riddled by curricular disruptions, chronic absences, cultural shifts, and national turmoil, Emily Badger remained a consistent and prominent anchor in our course.”

Brenda Richwine

“She will lead [her students] on the path of lifelong learning that helps build empathetic and empowered lives and communities – both of which we sorely need in our world today.”

Makayla Edwards

“I would like to be a student in Makayla’s classroom, and that is the strongest recommendation I can possibly make.”


Patricia and Anthony Martone Fund

The Patricia and Anthony Martone Fund supports research and travel for students pursuing a Master of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. First preference goes to students who produce new writings about place and community, in particular about the Muncie, Indiana area, the state of Indiana or Midwest region. Second preference goes to students who produce writings about sports.

Lucas Denzler

“Lucas’s plan to visit zoos in the Midwest to gather the experiences, interactions, and sensory details he needs to write a series of persona poems for a project called ‘Newt Gingrich at the Zoo’ seemed to the judges to be just the sort of travel Michael Martone himself would approve for the scholarship that honors his parents.”


Barry Wright Memorial Scholarship

The Barry Wright Memorial Scholarship is awarded in recognition of artistic excellence in the writing of poetry by an undergraduate at Ball State. Because the criterion for the award is artistic excellence, no scholarship is awarded in any year in which the panel determines that no entry exhibits sufficiently high artistic quality to merit an award.

Grace Goze

“This poetry stood out and was consistently strong overall, with powerful verb choices, voice, clear imagery, and skillful use of figurative language technique.”


An Interlude & Reading

“Swimming Upstream” by Rachel Haywood, read by Brandon Losier

“’Outside the Gate’: Family, Selfhood, and Post-Traumatic Growth in Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House” by Dillon O’Nail


Voss English Research Award

The Voss English Research Award was established by Drs. Gert and Annemarie Voss to support applied or theoretical research in literature in the English Department. Any MA or PhD candidate with a concentration in literature or a MA general concentration in the English Department is eligible.

Melissa Powell

“She’s a theoretically savvy and insightful scholar. Her project of recovering a largely unknown nineteenth-century novel about an African-American vampire is exciting and original.”


Frances Mayhew Rippy Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the family, friends, and students of Frances Mayhew Rippy, Ph.D., in honor of her 42 years of teaching English at Ball State University (1959-2001).

The purpose of the fund is to assist outstanding English graduate students majoring in literature at Ball State University.

Nasser Alshareef

“Nasser has a keen analytical mind and expresses his insights with depth and precision. He is an enormously promising scholar and teacher.”

Nakkia Patrick

“Nakkia Patrick is an indefatigable optimist. She makes coming to class rewarding because she is prepared, insightful, and appreciative.”


Dr. Janet Ross Scholarship for Teachers of English as a Second Language

The Dr. Janet Ross Scholarship for Teachers of English as a Second Language is a merit award.

The recipient shall display those characteristics of scholarship, character, and leadership which, in the judgment of the selection committee, are considered essential for success in the field of teaching English as a second language.

Martina Schiavo

“I believe that she possesses the character and promise to become a TESOL professional that can make a difference.”

Daisuke Oshiro

“When I observed him, I was further impressed by his ability to create a warm, engaging learning environment where his students felt comfortable taking risks and trying new activities.”


Writing Program Contract Faculty Award

Given annually to a contract faculty member who has at least half of their load in the Writing Program.

Kathryn Ludwig

“Kathryn was also the Interim Assistant Director in Fall 2019 where she worked to connect the Writing Program to other areas on campus, especially community engagement. She wrote a lot of Ball Point v. 2 (our textbook for ENG 104) and worked with publishers. She is an outstanding teacher and mentor in our program!”


Writing Program Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Given annually to a TA who teaches in the writing program.

Bethany Meadows

“Bethany pushes her students and her colleagues to engage in social justice work in the classroom, including trauma-informed pedagogy. Bethany is also extremely organized and her assignment design is outstanding. She always goes above and beyond for her students!”


Writing Center Tutor of the Year

The Writing Center Award is presented to the outstanding tutor of the year. There is no application process.

Zach Dwyer

“Zach fiercely advocates for us to consider how we can all do better, how we can learn and grow, and how we can ignite justice in all facets of our lives—both inside and outside writing centers.”


Lynn Jeffers Memorial Scholarship

The Lynn Jeffers Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman accepted to Ball State University with a major in the English Department.

Echo Brambert


Excellence in Creative Writing

The Excellence in Creative Writing Scholarship is awarded in recognition of artistic excellence in creative writing in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and/or screenwriting by an undergraduate English Major or English Minor/Dual Minor at Ball State.

Mia Marrero – Fiction

“This writer displays a level of sophistication that we rarely see in undergraduate-level writing. The conceit is original, the writing is sharp and fresh, and this student has demonstrated a mastery of voice, tone, and character-arc.”

Hannah Gage – Non-Fiction

“The creative writing genre awards are read blind, so the faculty judges did not know whose essay they were reading when they came upon this year’s winner, an essay titled ‘Mounted.’ Both judges were struck by the technical sophistication and complexity of this beautifully layered, moving essay that takes on a difficult subject with grace and verve.”

Taylor Crosby – Poetry

“We were impressed with the variety and understanding of poetic forms, the vivid imagery, the surprising word-play and certainly the use of humor.”

Rebekah Hoffer – Screenwriting


Departmental Honors in English

Students who excel in their English major studies may elect to participate in a departmental honors program. Those students who fulfill the specified requirements will earn the distinction of graduating with “Departmental Honors in English.”


Academic Honors in Writing

Academic Honors in Writing (AHW) is a program designed to foster and reward excellence in undergraduate writing.

Allison Akers

Rose Franklin

Jacob Garrett

Briana Rooke


Dr. Joe and Carol Trimmer Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Each year the English Department recognizes one graduating senior whose academic achievements have been exemplary.


Allison Akers

“This past year I watched Allison balance a full load of classes, two jobs, a commitment to marching band, working out, and planning for her future with remarkable calmness, commitment to excellence, and grace.”

Cassidy Forbing

“Cassidy Forbing is a connector, using her curiosity and knowledge to encourage insightful, creative, and interdisciplinary thinking about literature. She’s also a positive presence in every class.”

Devon Lejman

“Devon Lejman brings a rare type of critical clarity to her writing and classroom discussions, and her ability to delve into the richness of language is both marvelous and inspiring.”

Erin Goff

“Erin is a great mix of committed educator, innovative poet and creator, and inspirational leader all rolled into one.”

Jonah James

“Smart, hardworking, creative, and kind, Jonah James has dedicated his time and many talents to making our department—and the world—a better place.”

Kaitlyn Ellison

“Kaitlyn Ellison is a kind and promising scholar with truly thoughtful insights and generosity toward others as she listens and responds to their ideas.”

Sophia Lyons

“What sets Sophia apart is her ability to serve as a node of connection, bringing people and organizations and systems together.”

And the winner was! 

An Interlude & Announcement

Dr. Paul Ranieri is retiring.

Dr. Ranieri has taught in the Department for 37 (1983-2020) years.

Thank you, Paul, for everything you’ve done for the students, the department and the university over the past 30+ years; you will be missed!



Megumi Hamada, Assistant Chair

If you haven’t already, be sure to congratulate your friends and classmates on social media! 

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