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  • Faculty Favorites

    While virtual learning provides a myriad of obstacles, one thing we have been particularly missing here at #bsuenglish is our faculty-student connections. In attempt to strength the bonds between our students and their professors, we present Faculty Favorites! Here, our College of Sciences and Humanities professors will be sharing everything and anything that they’ve been […]

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  • A Beginners Guide to Self Promotion

    In the movie Julie and Julia, aspiring writer and call center worker Julie Powell debates starting a blog, claiming that “you’re not a writer unless someone publishes you.” Her partner encourages her to start one anyway, telling her “See that’s what’s so great about blogs. You don’t have to be published. You can just go […]

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  • Two Mystery Adaptations to Keep You Guessing

    Mysteries are a pillar of storytelling. Be it a dime novel about the murder of a wealthy count or a saga of books following a pipe-touting, plaid hat-wearing detective, everyone loves a case that challenges their brain, sneaking clues into otherwise standard sentences to keep you guessing. However, the charm of a written mystery is […]

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