• Abby Hoops: Merging English with Tech

    Abby Hoops graduated from Ball State University in 2017 with a B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.  She also double minored in Digital Publishing and Professional Writing and Emerging Media.  She currently works as both a Tech Writer and a Graphic Illustrator/Artist in Crane, Indiana, where her government job requires a variety […]

  • September Good News: Keeping Busy

    Our professors, students, and alumni have been busy this month, publishing, directing, teaching, and more. Check out all the amazing good news they have to share! Faculty Good News  Prof. Sean Lovelace’s Hybrid Essay “How to Begin: Purple Bra, Prompt as Metaphor, Hiss/Kiss/Howl of Dogs, of the Falling Clouds, (roiling, roiling…)” nominated by Big Other […]

  • August Good News – Students and Alumni

    This summer, our students and alumni received a lot of great opportunities, including presentations and new job positions. Read on to learn more! Student Good News Allison Akers’ short story, “Fate Inc.,” was accepted into the Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, and she has the opportunity to present it in Las Vegas! Melissa Powell (Ph.D. Literature) and Leah Heim (M.A. Literature), […]

  • August Good News – Faculty

    Many great things happened to our faculty over the summer! Read below to find out more about what they have published and presented. Faculty Good News Prof. Mark Neely’s latest poetry manuscript, Ticker, was one of three finalists for Southern Indiana Review Press’s Michael Waters Poetry Award. It was also a semi-finalist for the Lexi […]

  • Immersive Learning Opportunity: Sitting at the Feet of our Muncie Elders

    Gathering, Writing, and Publishing Senior’s Personal Stories and Triumphs of Resistance and Resiliency Ageism in our contemporary society is a problem. Seniors are perceived from a deficit instead of being realized as a rich repository of history, wisdom, experience, and stories. Seniors deserve our respect, to be valued, and to have their voices heard. The […]

  • Write On (Campus)!

    By: Grace Goze As English majors, it’s no secret we love reading, but let’s not forget about our passion for writing. Whether you’re a Creative Writing major or not, it may be hard to find groups on campus that just let you write for the sake of writing. Well, fear not writers, here is a […]

  • You Should Join Writers’ Community!

    By: Rachael Carmichael  Come to Ball State University’s Writers’ Community and share your work with others in an encouraging environment. It’s a close-knit club, and the vibe is always positive. A unique experience  The Writers’ Community shares various forms and genres, from poetry and parts of novels, to song lyrics and short stories. Writers are […]