Are you thinking about taking the plunge and studying in another country but the process seems daunting and you don’t know where to start? Take a moment and look through this list to help you start your journey! 

Look through the Ball State Study Abroad Programs

Fill out the specific term, city, or country that you’re wanting to study in and see the results that Ball State has available!

Make an Appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor

Once you have a few programs that stand out to you, email them at or call at 765-285-5422. Keep an eye on the deadlines for the programs. Each term has a different application deadline!

Talk to your Academic Advisor

Choose a program that best benefits you! Talk to your academic advisor about credits and how study abroad will impact you academically.

Cost Estimate Sheet

Once you choose a program, obtain a cost estimate sheet from the study abroad advisors! You’ll need this to talk to a Financial Advisor and it breaks down the entire cost of the program that you’ll be participating in.

Appointment with The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Learn how the cost will be impacting you and whether or not you’re eligible for scholarships that can help you. Also, find out how studying abroad can impact the  Financial Aid you’re already receiving. Call to make an appointment at 765-285-5600!


Understand that there are scholarships available for students, whether that be the Gilman Scholarship, the Rinker Center Scholarships, or scholarships from the program that you choose to go through!


Make sure to pay attention to the deadlines of the program applications and the scholarship applications. Each application will have different deadlines that students must follow and this is determined by the program they choose!

Stay Calm

Take a deep breath. This entire process is a once in a lifetime opportunity so take advantage of the resources made available at Ball State!