• Immersive Learning Opportunity: Sitting at the Feet of our Muncie Elders

    Gathering, Writing, and Publishing Senior’s Personal Stories and Triumphs of Resistance and Resiliency Ageism in our contemporary society is a problem. Seniors are perceived from a deficit instead of being realized as a rich repository of history, wisdom, experience, and stories. Seniors deserve our respect, to be valued, and to have their voices heard. The […]

  • You Should Join Writers’ Community!

    By: Rachael Carmichael  Come to Ball State University’s Writers’ Community and share your work with others in an encouraging environment. It’s a close-knit club, and the vibe is always positive. A unique experience  The Writers’ Community shares various forms and genres, from poetry and parts of novels, to song lyrics and short stories. Writers are […]

  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome back students, faculty, and staff! We hope that each of you have had a productive and restful summer. The English Department has been working hard to ensure that the 2012-13 academic year not only begins smoothly but runs efficiently. As the autumn semester kicks off, we would like to remind each of you of […]

  • Annual Gala Winners Reading

    Tonight! The Writers Community will be hosting its annual Undergraduate Gala Winners Reading. The reading serves as one of the outstanding prizes awarded to Layne Ransom, Lindsey P. LaVal, and Spencer McNelly for winning the top three places at the Undergraduate Writers Gala last fall. The reading will be in Bracken Library, room 104, at 7:30 […]