• The Stories of #FirstGenBSU

    This fall, Ball State welcomed 4,034 freshmen to our campus, surpassing the previous record of 4,006 in 1997. The record-setting population of freshmen also brought with it an influx of first-generation students — students that are the first in their families to pursue higher education. Throughout the month of September, we set out to welcome […]

  • September Good News: Keeping Busy

    Our professors, students, and alumni have been busy this month, publishing, directing, teaching, and more. Check out all the amazing good news they have to share! Faculty Good News  Prof. Sean Lovelace’s Hybrid Essay “How to Begin: Purple Bra, Prompt as Metaphor, Hiss/Kiss/Howl of Dogs, of the Falling Clouds, (roiling, roiling…)” nominated by Big Other […]

  • Register for Book Arts Collaborative!

    Looking for another class to add to your schedule for Spring Semester that isn’t just another lecture? We have just the class for you. Book Arts Collaborative is an immersive-learning experience that is also student-managed business. What do students in Book Arts Collaborative do? Participants professionalize skills through a variety of hands-on learning and management […]

  • Gipson Schabel on Working at Book Arts Collaborative

    Creative Writing minor Gipson Schabel recounts her experience working at Book Arts Collaborative, a “makerspace in downtown Muncie where community members and Ball State students learn about letterpress printing, book binding, and artist’s book design and publishing.” Book Arts Collaborative is currently fielding applications for the Fall 2017 semester; interested students should email Rai Peterson at […]

  • Monica Scalf, Owner of The Playground Group

    Stars to Steer By is our monthly event series focused on helping #bsuenglish students make the best of their degrees after graduation. This month, #bsuenglish alum and owner of The Playground Group Monica Scalf will be presenting “Personal Branding: Uncovering Your Authentic Self” on Wednesday, 10/26 at 6:30 P.M. in Bracken Library 104. Below, Monica […]

  • Good News, September 2014

    Tuesday = Good News In the latest installment of the “Good News” series, the Ball State English department highlights the accomplishments of our faculty and students up through the month of September. That’s right. We have so much good news that we’re sharing it once a month rather than once a semester. In fact, we […]

  • Dr. Rai Peterson Blogs About Trip to Germany

    Recently, Dr. Rai Peterson and several students who participated in the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library immersive learning project had the opportunity to travel to Germany on a lecture tour and “talk about Vonnegut’s most famous novel, Slaughterhouse Five, the impetus for which was the fire-bombing of Dresden in February of 1945.” Check out Dr. Peterson’s travel blog, Feeding the Turtle, […]

  • Dr. Rai Peterson Recommends Queer Fiction by Irving, Cunningham, Burroughs, Prime-Stevenson, and Woolf

    In the latest installment of our Recommended Reads series,  Dr. Rai Peterson recommends fiction by Irving, Cunningham, Burroughs, Prime-Stevenson, and Woolf. Dr. Peterson is also interested in starting a reading group on campus. Check out the post below for more details. I teach queer literature classes, and unlike the other literature classes I am assigned to cover, queer […]

  • English 444 Blank Book Sale: December 3rd and 5th

    Sustainability is an important goal of immersive learning courses.  Preferably, immersive projects can continue to run as part of the standard curriculum.  The department of English has several sustained immersive learning projects, including the Broken Plate literary journal, Creative Writing in the Community, and Book Binding, which is one section of the capstone course, English […]