Month: November 2021

  • October/November Good News

    The past two months have been productive for #bsuenglish, and we have the good news to prove it! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Faculty Professor Michael Begnal Professor Begnal’s book The Music and Noise of the Stooges, 1967-71: Lost in the Future was published by Routledge. More information on Begnal’s critical monograph can be found here: Begnal also […]

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  • Grace Goze: From Undergrad English to Grad School Poetry and Comedy

    Grace Goze graduated from Ball State with an English major with a creative writing concentration in 2021. After graduation, she is pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting with a concentration in Comedy Writing at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please introduce yourself—I’d love to know when you attended Ball State, your area(s) of study, and […]

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  • Luke Bell: Creative Writing Student to Senior Copywriter

    Luke Bell works as a senior copywriter and creative lead at Nobox, an advertising agency. He graduated from Ball State with an English major with a Creative Writing concentration in 2016. After graduation, he started working as a marketing writer on a rebranding project. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please introduce yourself with […]

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