Tag: Rhetoric and Writing

  • Sally Knoop: Jacket Copy Intern

    What’s a pilgrim soul? Yeats might say that it’s who we really are, not who we pretend to be. We say it’s someone who isn’t afraid to admit they’re searching, a current student who is on a path but doesn’t know exactly where it will lead. Sally Knoop is a senior English major with a […]

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  • Yes, You Should Major in Rhetoric and Writing

    Learn about one of Ball State English’s least understood, but most practical concentrations: rhetoric and writing. by Ben Sapet  You might have seen some of the writing and rhetoric buzz words like discourse, theory, and even rhetoric itself, and been left scratching your head—and you wouldn’t be alone. I spent my entire first semester and a half […]

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  • Amory Orchard: Making the Invisible Visible

    Every English major encounters the same situation — maybe it’s already happened to you since going home for the summer: a neighbor, relative, or (just the other day, in my case) the optometrist politely asks you how school’s going and what you’re studying. You tell them. “Oh, English?” they ask with a note of concern […]

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