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  • Good News, September 2014

    Tuesday = Good News In the latest installment of the “Good News” series, the Ball State English department highlights the accomplishments of our faculty and students up through the month of September. That’s right. We have so much good news that we’re sharing it once a month rather than once a semester. In fact, we […]

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  • Prof. Jeff Frawley Recommends “Satantango” by László Krasznahorkai

    In the latest installment of our Recommended Reads series, professor Jeff Frawley recommends Satantango by  László Krasznahorkai. In the last few years, the work of contemporary Hungarian novelist László Krasznahorkai has undergone a small explosion of sorts in the English-reading world.  Three of his books have been translated into English to much acclaim, with a fourth soon on the way.  […]

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