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  • #BSUEnglish and the Misinformed Masses

    Welcome back to our new feature Retweet Rapport! Grab a warm drink, get comfortable, and dive right in to this week’s tweets. We began the week by asking you about the assumptions surrounding English majors. What assumptions do you get when you say you’re an English major? The good news is you’re not alone: […]

  • 5 Reads for Thanksgiving Break

    By: CW Cain Let’s be frank: Thanksgiving is an awkward subject. The images we associate with Thanksgiving are, at best, sugar-coated. That “first Thanksgiving” in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621? It’s a nice story–until you think about all that happened next in colonial/Native American relations.  What do you do when the first chapter of the story […]

  • Cardinal Directions: Jerome Megna

    Jerome Megna received his B.A. in English and Philosophy from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, and his M.A. in Linguistics and English and American Literature from New York University. In 1969, he was offered a doctoral fellowship in English here at Ball State University. While here, he taught and worked on his dissertation: The Poetry of Sylvia Plath. […]