Spring 2023

Leadership Team: Cassidy Fisher (Analytics), Thaddeus Lee (Blog), Trevor Heim-Prechter (Campaigns), Lauren Knauer (Social Media 2), Genevieve Cierpilowski (Social Media 1), Sydni Wiseman (Curation), Bradley Alasauskas (Content), Not Pictured: Jenna Alexander (Design)

Compass Creative Spring 2023 Team. [Back row, left to right] Lauren Knauer, Bridget Donnellan, Thaddeus Lee [Third row, left to right] Allie Hearld, Sydni Wiseman, Genevieve Cierpilowski [Second row, left to right] Kaci Rose, Cassidy Fisher, Kaitlyn Herrenbruck, Trevor Heim-Prechter [Front row, left to right] Jordyn Johnson, Grace Duerksen, Ella Bruhn, Jenna Alexander. Not pictured: Kaitlyn Syfred in a pizza costume, and Bradley Alasauskas.

Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Compass Creative team

Leadership Team: Cassidy Fisher (Analytics),  Bradley Alasauskas (Campaigns), Jenna Alexander (Design) Emily Katz (Social Media 1), Sydni Wiseman (Curation), Lauren Knauer (Social Media 2), Thaddeus Lee (Blog). Blog Team: Grace Duerksen, Kaitlyn Herrenbruck; Social Media Team: Genevieve Cierpilowski, Ella Bruhn; Curation Team: Jordyn Johnson, Kaitlyn Syferd; Design Team: Allie Hearld, Jenna Alexander, Kaci Rose.

Spring 2022

Back row, left to right: Anthony Herring, Colwin Mondor, Thaddeus Lee, Kelly Schmatz, Lauren Knauer, Zoe Hagymasi, Emily Katz, Bradley Alasauskas
Front row, left to right: Ellen Bain, Maggie Dew, MaKayla Murray, Lainey Bentz, Andrea Mohler, Jordyn Johnson. Not pictured: Emma Hamilton.

Fall 2021

Fall 2021
Back row, left to right: Taylor Jean Scharbrough, Anthony Herring, Thaddeus Lee, Emily Hanes, Zoe Hagymasi, Haley Wade
Front row, left to right: Emma Hamilton, Elaina Bentz, MaKayla Murray, Allie Hearld, Colwin Mondor. Not pictured: Kelli Schmatz

Spring 2021

Bottom row, left to right: Ty Fitzgerald, Claire Enk, Destiny Harvel; Middle row, left to right: Mikayla Vaughn, Anthony Herring; Ellen Good; Grace Goze; Top row, left to right: Shelby Harrison, instructor Kathryn S. Gardiner; Kallie Hunchman; Drew Shaeffer. Not pictured: Steve Banuelos

Fall 2020

Fall 2020 team

Bottom row, left to right: Drew Shaeffer, Claire Enk; Middle row, left to right: Kallie Hunchman, Destiny Harvel; Top row, left to right: Shelby Harrison, instructor Kathryn S. Gardiner. Not pictured: Grace Goze, Hannah Cummings, Jayana Fennell, Emma Fulkerson, Emily Helmer, Sophia Hoffert, Olivia Rowe, Seth Wood

Spring 2020

Bottom row, left to right: William Spencer, Claire Enk, Calandra Weaver, Drew Shaeffer; Middle row, left to right: Gina Klaff, Nikki Campbell, Ben Sapet; Top row, left to right: Destiny Harvel, Shelby Harrison, Sally Knoop, Bruno Reinert.

Fall 2019

Bottom row, left to right: Grant Winkler, Bruno Reinert, Kelsey Enlow, Caleb Posey; Top row, left to right: Sally Knoop, Calandra Weaver, Sarah Dalton, Destiny Harvel, Samuel Carroll, Seth Wood, Isabel Parham.

Spring 2019

Bottom row, left to right: Laura Weldon, Taylor Townsend, Sarah Dalton, Natalie Kuss, Ben Sapet; Top row, left to right: Marisa Sloan, Anthony Miglieri, Ljubijankic, Ryan Monahan, Cora Rutledge, Sophia Lyons, Bruno Reinert.

Fall 2018

Bottom row, left to right: Amanda Kavars, Charlie Cain, Macy Jo Byerly, Ben Sapet, Vanessa Haro-Miracle; Top row, left to right: Sophia Lyons, Marisa Sloan, Maggie Sutton, Grace Goze, Eva Daniels, Natalie Kuss, Rachael Carmichael.

Spring 2018

L to R: Cecelia Westbrook, Macy Jo Byerly, Dr. Patrick Collier, Melissa Jones, and Tynan Drake

Fall 2017

Bottom row, l to r: Makayla Smart, Cecelia Westbrook, Becky Cooper, Audrey Bowers; top row, l to r: Corey Halbert, Kaitlyn Sumner, Jalynn Madison, Erin Moreno, Olivia Power, Anthony Miglieri.


This blog was started in the spring of 2010 by an ENG 435 course taught by Dr. Jackie Grutsch McKinney.

Dr. Adam Beach kept it going for 5 years with the assistance of student workers to whom we referred as PR Interns: Jeremy Bauer,  Tyler Fields, Nakkia Patrick, Elysia Smith, Elizabeth Palmer, Daniel Brount, and Lauren Lutz.

Professor Cathy Day and Eva Grouling Snider continued the tradition with students Becca McNair, Jeff Owens, Emily Griffis, Taylor Wicker,  Luke Bell, Lauren Birkey, Taylor Wicker, and Evan Andreae.

In 2016, Eva Grouling Snider applied for and secured a Provost’s Immersive Learning Grant and “Jacket Copy Creative” was born. Instead of a few student workers, she was able to work with a whole team of students who earned course credit. Those students were: (F16) Whitney Albright, Tristan Bennington, Lauren Birkey, Nikole Darnell, Bethany Gordon, Melissa Jones, Hannah Partridge, Kelli Reutman, Sydney Robbins, Kristen Stock, Brittany Ullman, Brittany Wiggins, and Kathryn Hampshire. (S17) Becky Cooper, Nikole Darnell, Ellie Fawcett, Emma Fulkerson, Emily Horn, Melissa Jones, Kami Kleefisch, Lacey Pamer, Sydney Robbins, Megan Schillereff, and Kathryn Hampshire.

In 2017-2018, Morgan Leckie, Cathy Day, and Pat Collier led the following students: Audrey Bowers, Becky Cooper, Corey Halbert, Jalynn Madison, Anthony Miglieri, Erin Moreno, Olivia Power, Makayla Smart, Kaitlyn Summer, Cecelia Westbrook, Cecily Cavanaugh, Jessica Craig, Paige Rideout, Owen Smith, Megan Schillereff, Amanda Belcher, Kaleb Emery, Erin Smith, Tynan Drake, Melissa Jones, Macy Jo Byerly.