Tuesday = Good News

In the latest installment of the “Good News” series, the Ball State English department highlights the accomplishments of our faculty and students up through the month of September.

That’s right. We have so much good news that we’re sharing it once a month rather than once a semester. In fact, we already have  a bunch of weekly good news queued up for October!

Jill Christman

  • Her essay, “The Avocado,” was featured on The Humble Essayist, a new site that celebrates and critically examines the essay form.
  • Her first e-book, Borrowed Babies, hit virtual shelves on September 4th, 2014.

Rai Peterson recently received an Outstanding Immersive Learning Project for 2014 for her project regarding the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library.

Emily Scalzo

  • Blue Collar Review plans to publish two of Scalzo’s poems, “90% of Americans Cannot Place the Philippines on a Map” and “Duplicity, or Why I Will Not Support Hillary for 2016,” in future issues.
  • Four haiku were published via Hothouse Magazine.
  • Her tanka, “released by children”, appeared in Cattails.
  • Her poem, “Such a Good Feeling”, appeared in Leaves of Ink.
  • The poem “Revisionist History, Compliments Texas Board of Education” appeared in Perspective Literary Magazine.
  • The poem “An Offbeat Moment” is pending publication in Third Wednesday.
  • The poem “Growing Pains” is pending publication in Midwestern Gothic.

Robert Habich’s essay entitled “An ‘Extempore Adventure’ in Italy: Emerson as International Tourist 1832-33” has been accepted for publication in a collection entitled A Power To Translate The World: New Essays on Emerson and International Culture. The volume will appear in a series called Re-Mapping the Transnational: A Dartmouth Series in American Studies (Dartmouth College Press), under the auspices of the University Press of New England.

Diane Mooney, JoAnne Ruvoli, and Jeff Frawley recently submitted to the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Their proposal, “Researching Controversy: The Rhetorics of Stereotyping, Protest, Art, and Apology,” has been accepted for the 2015 conference in Tampa.

Cathy Day

Beth Dalton delivered the Honors College Whitinger Lecture entitled “Far Away Home.”

Pat Collier was an invited presenter as “Magazines And/As Media,” a workshop at the University of Alberta, sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Jennifer Grouling was quoted in a New York Times article on gaming and narrative.

Angela Jackson-Brown was a guest on Cyrus Webb’s online radio show discussing her novel, Drinking from a Bitter Cup.

Frank Felsenstein’s piece on Rowlandson’s Peter Plumb’s Diary was just published via Eighteenth-Century Fiction, a journal of McMaster University. The piece was commissioned for a special issue devoted to eighteenth-century humor.

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