Welcome back English Majors! We here in the department hope your summer went well and that you’re as eager as us to get the new semester going. There are several exciting events planned for the coming months that we will keep you updated on and hope to include you in. In addition to new classes and events, be on the lookout for new features added to the blog which will aide in navigation and result in an improved user experience.

To get the most out of the new year, the blog will be spotlighting several clubs within the English Department who are always eager for new and excited members. Our first spotlight is on the Writers’ Community.

The members of the Writers’ Community are first and foremost written language enthusiasts. Under Todd McKinney as club advisor, the Community holds weekly meetings to discuss and explore a myriad of written works. The Community is not just for Creative Writing students. Rather, it is comprised of various interest and major groups who simply wish to express themselves via the medium of the written word. Veteran members of the Community encourage new and existing members to share their original works, which range in form and style and include poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, and experimental fiction. Haven’t written anything lately? The community also loves sharing pieces or passages from some of our favorite authors. The club welcomes all forms of creative writing to inspire creativity and spark meaningful discussions.

In addition to weekly meetings, the Community is also an active agent in setting up and supporting various events within the university and surrounding area throughout the year. For example, the Community aims to set up at least one reading a month which features various Community members, other writing enthusiasts, and even professors. Pieces read at the events span all forms of writing from poetry to scripts for plays. Also, it’s not unlike the Community to arrange trips to surrounding cities such as Indianapolis to attend, and on occasion participate in, bigger readings featuring authors from around the country.

In creating the Writers’ Community, the English Department has set out to bring together a collective of student readers and writers who wish to expand upon their own creativity and seek to inspire those around them. The Writers’ Community is a wonderful outlet for those looking to share and engage with others regardless of writing style or experience. Through the Community, writers will gain a wider exposure to audiences and influences alike and ultimately integrate themselves into the bigger world of written language.

For updates and more information regarding the Writers’ Community, visit their blog at http://bsuwriters.wordpress.com/

–Tyler Fields