What’s a pilgrim soul? Yeats might say that it’s who we really are, not who we pretend to be. We say it’s someone who isn’t afraid to admit they’re searching, a current student who is on a path but doesn’t know exactly where it will lead.

Sally Knoop is a senior English major with a concentration in Rhetoric and Writing. She is also minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and is an intern in Jacket Copy

Update: Jacket Copy Creative is now known as Compass Creative, a course affiliated with The Compass Advantage. 

What made you choose to major in English and to focus on Rhetoric and Writing? What are you hoping to do with it?

Well, I always knew I wanted to major somewhere in English. I just never knew what I wanted to do with it when I finally found Jacket Copy! This class is more of an internship where you learn how to market, create content, promote events, and build communication. You’ll develop and hone all sorts of useful skills in this class as well as become a part of a creative and cool team. Everyone I’ve worked within Jacket Copy has been a joy to get to know. 

Why did you decide to join Jacket Copy?

Sophomore year, I knew that I needed to find a better way to connect with my department and that I wanted to learn more about practical applications of everything I was learning in my other classes. A bit of looking into immersive learning and a few encouraging talks with previous Jacket Copy staff, I went for it! I have loved every minute since. This opportunity challenges and teaches in a way that I am so thankful to be a part of. I can’t recommend it enough.

Can you describe what work you have done in Jacket Copy?

Jacket Copy Creative (ENG 375) 2019-2020 Bottom row, left to right: William Spencer, Claire Enk, Calandra Weaver, Drew Shaeffer; Middle row, left to right: Gina Klaff, Nikki Campbell, Ben Sapet; Top row, left to right: Destiny Harvel, Shelby Harrison, Sally Knoop, Bruno Reinert.

In Jacket Copy, I have learned how to design assets that do everything from social media imagery, slides for the televisions in our halls, and event promotional posters. I’ve also worked on the department blog and our weekly English department emails as well as the History monthly. Our teams do a ton of work, but we have a lot of fun together while contributing to our community. 

What is something valuable you have learned during your experience in Jacket Copy?

Oof, wow. I’ve learned a lot from my experience there. The biggest one has to be that it’s okay to ask for help. Some projects are too big to do on your own, so having a team you can fall back on is incredibly helpful. Everyone is there to work together to create a deeper sense of community within the departments we work with. It follows then that we’d rely on each other too. I’ve made some wonderful friends and am so happy that I’ve been able to work with everyone in Jacket Copy. 

I’ve also learned a lot about what I want to do after graduation. Originally, I’d planned on working in publishing, but  Jacket Copy introduced me to more ways I can apply my English degree. Now, I know that I want to work in a more creative and market-minded career. 

Other than Jacket Copy, what have been your favorite or most beneficial classes and why?

Document Design, ENG 430, with Dr. Allison Hitt was a great class! Learning more about how to better create documents and the software to make them was incredibly beneficial. I also loved ENG 210, Intro to Rhetoric and Writing. I took this class with Dr. Rory Lee a while ago, and chose my concentration in part because of this class. Of course our words have impact, but this class taught me more about how and the basics history and applications of rhetoric. 

Is there any advice you would give to someone thinking about majoring in English? 

Do it! There is so much you can do with an English degree. You’ll become a part of a department that genuinely cares about you, too. Our professors are as skilled as they are kind, so you’ll be learning from the absolute best. Don’t worry about what other non-majors or concerned folks may say, either. You’re going to find work because our degrees are valuable. Classes like ENG 299x Career Discovery will help you figure out where you’re headed with your English degree too, if you need it. 

Once you’ve started, work hard! Do the readings and try and keep up with your classes. If you need help understanding a reading or a project, ASK YOUR PROFESSOR. They would much rather you come to them with a question than panic on your own and do nothing. (Learn from my mistakes. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Most of all, have fun! Talk to your classmates and try and make as many friends as you can in your classes! You’ll meet so many wonderful people there. Our department truly is the best one on campus. Take advantage of that fact by becoming a part of the community in it.

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