Luke Bell works as a senior copywriter and creative lead at Nobox, an advertising agency. He graduated from Ball State with an English major with a Creative Writing concentration in 2016. After graduation, he started working as a marketing writer on a rebranding project. You can connect with him on LinkedIn


Please introduce yourself with some tidbits that will help us get to know you.

My studies at Ball State led me to a career in creative advertising with an ever-changing mix of personal projects—from writing and producing music to publishing poetry and more. Working remotely, I’m able to lead a nomadic lifestyle, spending my time between Ecuador, Austin TX, and Mexico City this year. Outside of work, I love literature, fashion, food, wine, and talking about myself (thanks for the opportunity).

Tell us about your current job. We’d love to hear about the day-to-day work and your broader projects.

As a senior copywriter and creative lead at an advertising agency, every day is different, which keeps me inspired. On any given day I could be scripting a video for Pepsi, writing social content for SoundCloud, or providing creative direction for a national brand campaign.

Will you describe your career path. Did you land your current job immediately after graduation or find your way there circuitously?

After graduating I started work as a marketing writer for a brand. During this time, I worked with an agency for the first time on a rebranding project, and knew immediately I wanted to be on the other side of the table. From there I landed my first job as a copywriter and have been at ad agencies ever since.

How have you grown and learned in your successive jobs that have led to your current position?

Every job is an opportunity to learn new skills, learn from new people, and learn more about yourself. My successive jobs have taught me a lot about what gives me energy, makes me happy, the values I want to promote in the world, and those I don’t. They’ve made me a better creative professional, but more importantly, a better person.

What is the most fulfilling part of your current job?

The most fulfilling part of my job is working with such creative, open-minded, intriguing people. My teammates inspire me, make me think, and make me laugh daily.

What are the most valuable skills you learned as a Ball State student in the College of Sciences and Humanities? How have they helped you post-graduation?

My experience at Ball State taught me how to think critically, learn from everyone around me, keep an open mind, and be kind. I use these skills every day, in both my professional and personal lives.

Is there a particular class, professor, or professional opportunity that had a particularly significant impact on you?

I like to think all of my professors had an impact on me, but the ones who affected me most deeply were Cathy Day, Silas Hansen, and Eva Grouling Snyder.

What advice do you have for current or future students in your major or who might hope to follow your career path?

My advice is to get involved and make stuff, even if it’s just for fun. When I’m hiring a new creative, I don’t care about academics or who has been afforded the most opportunities. I’m looking for the person creating unique work with a demonstrated passion for it. I want the person who hasn’t been afforded an agency opportunity yet, but made something cool for a local business they love because it’s what they like to do. You don’t need clients to start building a portfolio, but you will need a portfolio to get into an agency.

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