Category: Renovations

  • Community Day

    Sunday, September 28th was Community Day on campus. The museum held an entertaining event with many different activities. My first role of the night was to assist the Griot Drum Ensemble as they began to set up. Komoyaka King and Amawa Artis, the drummers, are two wonderful people to talk to. They were very enthusiastic […]

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  • A New Blogger this Summer

    Hello, my name is Rochelle Martin, and I am interning at the David Owsley Museum of Art this summer. If you haven’t already guessed, I will be updating the blog during my time here about the events that are happening and the projects that I (and my fellow interns) am working on. First, a little […]

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  • Renovation Update

    As Nicole and I are continuing our work on labels for the new galleries, we have been checking in on construction progress and would like to share some information with you. Many changes have been made since our last update and the new galleries are really taking shape. In the construction zone, walls are going […]

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