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  • Casey Jones’s Last Ride

    Written by: Jerret Barker Collections and Education Intern Some events transcend their time and place. Stories about these events are told, and then retold, throughout the generations leading to the creation of legend. American folklore is littered with such stories: John Henry defeating the steam drill in a race between man and machine and Billy […]

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  • Family Workshop: Forms and Figures

    Written by: Kaitlyn Yeager – Visitor Assistant In February the curator of education at David Owsley Museum of Art, Maureen Nicholson, held a family workshop for children and parents to learn about Larry Day’s early abstract art in the exhibition titled Body Language. Larry Day (1921 – 1998) was an American artist residing in Pennsylvania […]

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  • A New Year, a New DOMA Insider

    Written by: Griffin Green – Education Assistant With our last article having been posted on Nov 7, 2019, it goes without saying that things have been a little quiet here on the DOMA Insider blog. The COVID-19 pandemic has been relentless, but so are we here at the David Owsley Museum of Art, and as […]

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