Month: October 2016

  • Making a Maquette

    Emma Rogers Media Intern Within the museum’s current special exhibition, Continuum: The Art of Michael Dunbar in the Sculptural Tradition, guests are invited to create models similar to the process Michael Dunbar uses before constructing his sculptures. Styrofoam, cardboard cutouts, foam shapes, and more are assembled and then using mathematical tools such as protractors and compasses, tinkerers do […]

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  • Work of the Week: Beauty in Baroque

    Katie Ronzio Public Relations Intern Maybe it’s the Italian blood that runs through my veins, but I am a sucker for Italian baroque art. Baroque art is characterized by extreme light and dark, exaggerated movement, and religious figures portrayed as the everyday person. The Roman Catholic Church typically commissioned baroque art to persuade viewers to convert […]

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  • Peace of Mind

    Alexis Kiesel Community Outreach Intern As I entered the David Owsley Gallery of Asian Art in the museum, I saw students sitting up against the wall and chairs set up facing toward George Wolfe, the meditation instructor. I had never experienced a meditation session in my life, but I felt enthralled for the new experience. The […]

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