• First Person: Eric Gottesman

    James Schwab Curatorial Assistant Recently, museum staff had the  pleasure of welcoming Eric Gottesman to our community as he engaged children in a collaborative exercise and presented about his book, Sudden Flowers, as well as some of his other projects. Featured in our temporary exhibition, Fractured Narratives: A Strategy to Engage, Gottesman is a photographic artist […]

  • Local Ornithologist and Friends Visit the Museum

    Have you ever wondered where museums find the label information pertaining to their objects? Is there a mad chemist somewhere carbon dating the collection to determine our artifacts’ age? Maybe stories surrounding our paintings have been passed down through generations of collectors and we’re merely presenting the documentation? Perhaps, our expert staff is so well-versed […]

  • Meet the DOMA Insider Writers

    The DOMA Insider has been providing the community with behind-the-scenes stories and reviews of events in the David Owsley Museum of Art for two years. Content for the DOMA Insider is written by student interns and education assistants, with the goal of providing the community with an insider’s perspective of the museum. We hope the […]