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  • The Art of Mysticism: Religious art in DOMA 

    Unidentified European Artist, Book of Hours, about 1470, ink on vellum bound in leather, Elisabeth Ball Collection, gift of the George and Frances Ball Foundation, on loan from Archives and Special Collections, Alexander M. Bracken Library, L1989.024.002 Written by Tori Smith, Public Relations and Social Media Assistant  Spilling out with spirituality  One summer day during undergraduate school, Matthew Hotham sat […]

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  • Totem Poles 101

    Totem poles are monumental carvings found in western Canada and the northwestern United States. Perhaps you have seen small souvenir totem poles in gift shops. Originally, small totem poles began being made in the late 1800s; however, totem pole carving dwindled when Canada banned potlatch ceremonies, also known as a gift-giving ceremony. In 1951, this ban was dropped and there was a surge in totem pole production.

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  • Casey Jones’s Last Ride

    Written by: Jerret Barker Collections and Education Intern Some events transcend their time and place. Stories about these events are told, and then retold, throughout the generations leading to the creation of legend. American folklore is littered with such stories: John Henry defeating the steam drill in a race between man and machine and Billy […]

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