Month: September 2016

  • Continuum Exhibition Opening

    Emma Rogers Media Intern September 21st marked the opening of DOMA’s newest special exhibition, Continuum: The Art of Michael Dunbar in the Sculptural Tradition, featuring the work of Midwest sculptor Michael Dunbar. Guests gathered to hear the artist speak about his monumental body of work, including several Machinist Studies that are included in the exhibition. Continuum also features […]

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  • Work of the Week: Rest by the Wayside

    Emma Rogers Media Intern DOMA has several impressionist paintings, but Rest by the Wayside stands out to me for its natural beauty. Although this painting is smaller than some that surround it, the color combinations attract my attention. I’ve seen Chase’s work in other museums, and I’m pleased that this painting is included in our […]

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  • Pokébash 2016

    Daniel Combs Education Intern Could Pokémon Go and a social event at DOMA coexist? What would the outcome be? We gained a bit of a taste of what would result from such a social experiment on Friday, August 26 at PokéBash. Before the official start time at 5 p.m. people were already starting to approach and […]

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