A view of the driveway, scheduled to be complete in late April or early May.

As the weather warms and the campus comes to life after a long winter, the David Owsley Museum of Art is also undergoing more revitalization in preparation for the reopening and installation of the new galleries. Much of our textual materials, such as labels and educational resources, are nearing completion and we are now sending them off for production, just in time for installation.

Final selections are being made to ensure that the works of art within the galleries weave a cohesive narrative that represents a specific culture or region with the collection we have.  Our construction contractors have been working hard to build a balanced physical space that is inviting and as spacious as possible. The changes that have occurred over the semester are quite impressive and are indicative of the efforts put forth by all who work and volunteer at the museum.

While many of these changes are internal and can only be seen when viewing the construction space, a recent development in the renovations can be seen from the outside of the museum as you walk or drive down Riverside Ave. A new circle driveway is currently being installed near the museum’s street entrance and is scheduled to be completed within the next month. A component of the museum’s interpretive plan, the new driveway allows for greater access to our visitors with convenient drop off and pick-up.

In a recent interview with Jim Lowe, Director of Engineering and Construction Operations, I discovered that a circle driveway used to exist before the sidewalk was installed. Until 1955, the museum had access to a driveway, but it was replaced soon after. According to Mr. Lowe, the new drive will alleviate the potential traffic jams that occur when cars pull to the side of Riverside to drop off individuals at the museum. The new driveway is particularly important to our school groups and other large groups that visit, as they now have a safe drop-off location for buses and vans.

Stay tuned for more photos and updates on the renovation project.