Tag: Alyson Walbridge

  • How Ball State shaped Art Executive Carter Wolf

    The Alliance members at their Wednesday, March 11 luncheon and program had the pleasure of hearing Carter Wolf, recently retired president and CEO of the Indianapolis Art Center, speak about his experiences as an art executive and the impact Ball State has had on him throughout his career. Wolf transferred from Hanover College to join […]

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  • Contemporary, Conceptual, and Captivating

    Do you have an interest in global issues, conceptual art, or multimedia? If so, come see our new special exhibition! Fractured Narratives: A Strategy to Engage; opened today at the David Owsley Museum of Art and will be on view through May 3. This contemporary exhibition was co-curated by Amy Galpin and Abigail Ross Goodman. Fractured […]

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  • Meet the DOMA Insider Writers

    The DOMA Insider has been providing the community with behind-the-scenes stories and reviews of events in the David Owsley Museum of Art for two years. Content for the DOMA Insider is written by student interns and education assistants, with the goal of providing the community with an insider’s perspective of the museum. We hope the […]

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