Month: July 2013

  • Intern Showcase

    Well, the first Intern Showcase at the David Owsley Museum of Art has come and gone (and it went well, I might add). I learned an interesting fact that I hadn’t known before. This summer was the first time they’ve had three interns at once! That’s definitely a good sign of how much the Museum […]

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  • Interning at the Museum

    Much has been going on this summer at the David Owsley Museum of Art. One of my fellow interns, Ivana Armstrong, has been working hard on her project. Here is a little bit from her about what she’s been doing as part of her internship: “Hi! My name is Ivana Armstrong and I am one […]

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  • Look to Learn

    During my time here at the David Owsley Museum of Art, I discovered a wonderful program that I was not aware of that had been going on for several years called Look to Learn. Look to Learn began as a collaborative project developed by Ball State Teachers College faculty, Burris Laboratory School, and the Museum […]

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