Author: Dan Jones

  • Canvas Mastery Paths

    Canvas Provides a Path to Student Engagement

    Learn about Canvas Mastery Paths and how they can help you support student engagement in your courses. Supporting Student Engagement  There are millions of educational tools and software to help you build engagement, but where to begin? I recently Googled “student engagement technology,” and the results were overwhelming. It would take considerable time to determine […]

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  • Mediasite Videos: Recording and Embedding Made Easier 

    Updates to Mediasite make it easier to record videos, audio, and screencasts to provide media-rich content for your student and then embed the content Canvas. Two updates to Mediasite have provided an easier recording process and upgraded features in Canvas. The first update is Mediasite Capture, a browser-based recorder that will make recording videos, audio, […]

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  • Upgrade Your Canvas Quizzes with a Stimulus Question 

    Create media-rich quizzes that are more engaging using the new Stimulus question type. Pop Quiz: Which Quiz Looks More Engaging, A or B?  As seen in the examples above, adding media (images, photos, videos, audio files, diagrams, or charts) to a quiz question in Canvas can help you clarify concepts, provide context to questions, and engage […]

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