Month: May 2024

  • Canvas Mastery Paths

    Canvas Provides a Path to Student Engagement

    Learn about Canvas Mastery Paths and how they can help you support student engagement in your courses. Supporting Student Engagement  There are millions of educational tools and software to help you build engagement, but where to begin? I recently Googled “student engagement technology,” and the results were overwhelming. It would take considerable time to determine […]

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  • New In Canvas Featured Image

    New in Canvas: Discussions Redesign

    Update (May 13, 2024): The authors of this post presented a virtual workshop entitled Introducing the Canvas Discussions Redesign. You can watch a recording of that workshop here. Learn about the Canvas Discussions Redesign, which brings a new look and new features to Canvas Discussions and Announcements, beginning July 20, 2024. Canvas Discussions and Announcements […]

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