Create media-rich quizzes that are more engaging using the new Stimulus question type.

Pop Quiz: Which Quiz Looks More Engaging, A or B? 

Canvas Quiz with embedded media – read a text transcript
Canvas Quiz – read a text transcript

As seen in the examples above, adding media (images, photos, videos, audio files, diagrams, or charts) to a quiz question in Canvas can help you clarify concepts, provide context to questions, and engage learners.  

Incorporating Media with a New Question Type 

Canvas is making it easier to incorporate media in a quiz with a new question type called Stimulus. A Stimulus is a group of questions created around media content. Using a Stimulus can help create visually engaging quizzes that have the added benefit of overcoming a major limitation with a traditional “one question at a time” approach. Specifically, the Stimulus allows a user to include a single image and ask learners a series of questions on it, saving them the trouble of scrolling back and forth between the image and the questions about it. 

Sample question A, shown above, demonstrates a Stimulus that incorporates three questions about a painting with an image of the painting for reference. This format provides a straightforward layout for the questions about the painting, and you can choose any question type within the Stimulus layout.  

Where Do I Access the Stimulus Question? 

Turning on the New Quizzes feature in your course allows you to use the new Stimulus to save you time creating media-rich quizzes.  If you want to try the Stimulus using the New Quizzes feature, your existing quizzes will still work. Even with New Quizzes turned on, you can still select Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes for every quiz you create. New Quizzes have additional benefits beyond the Stimulus type. Other benefits include a Hotspot and Ordering question type, and the ability to print a quiz. Canvas provides a document comparing Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes. 

Trying it Out 

Even if you do not have a media-rich quiz, trying one question with media can be worthwhile. For a health class, a picture of a brain could be used to have the students identify the elements. In a business class, a chart could be inserted, and students could respond to questions to evaluate trends. Stimulate your creativity by trying a Stimulus. To turn on New Quizzes in your Canvas course or a Development Site

  1. Log into your course 
  1. Click the “Settings” link at the bottom of the left Navigation Menu 
  1. Click the “Feature Options” tab 
  1. Enable “New Quizzes” 

You can view the New Quizzes Canvas resource if you would like additional information on creating a New Quiz.  

Have you tried the Stimulus or used New Quizzes? We would love to hear how you use these features in your class. 

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