Tag: Course Design

  • Two Ball State students pose in front of wings mural while making Cardinal sign

    Challenges Ball State Learners Face

    Learn more about who Ball State students are, the challenges they face in their academic and personal lives, and how this can impact your teaching. Every Fall and Spring, Ball State deploys a survey to students (online and in-person) through institution-wide Canvas announcements. This survey, which consists of about 40 questions, is designed to evaluate […]

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  • Course Reviews

    Is a Quality Matters+ Course Review Right for You?

    Discover the best path for an online course review through Quality Matters+ at Ball State. Revising or creating a new course is a laborious process. While higher education institutions around the globe transitioned to emergency remote teaching in 2020, building an effective online course for our learners requires strategic planning and thoughtful user experience design. […]

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  • Toward Mobile-First Teaching Practices

    Explore how the web design practice of “Mobile First” can be applied to course design to create mobile-friendly courses. Before we start, a quick warning. I’m going to assume that you value creating a good learning environment for all your students. Your students are using smartphones all the time, and that includes interacting with your […]

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  • Using Canvas to Help Students Manage Their Work

    Help students manage the course workload in your class with Canvas features by reducing the need for reminders and making important steps more visible. The demands on university students are extraordinarily high. Our students manage demanding course workloads, high-grade expectations, and career readiness tasks in the classroom. Yet, the expectations do not stop there. Students […]

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