Updates to Mediasite make it easier to record videos, audio, and screencasts to provide media-rich content for your student and then embed the content Canvas.

Two updates to Mediasite have provided an easier recording process and upgraded features in Canvas. The first update is Mediasite Capture, a browser-based recorder that will make recording videos, audio, and screencasts easier for you to provide media-rich content for your student. The second update is within Canvas and allows for full Mediasite functionality from within Canvas, and the process to embed Mediasite videos in Canvas has a new interface. 

Update 1: Using the New Mediasite Capture 

Mediasite Capture is a browser-based recording application that simplifies video creation. With Mediasite Capture, you can capture audio, video, and screen content directly from any web browser. A browser-based recorder will give you a smoother process to start recording and remove concerns about updating or downloading software. For more information about using Mediasite Capture, you can watch this short video or download this instruction sheet

You can access Mediasite Capture by going to Ball State’s instance of Mediasite and clicking on the Add Presentation button (highlighted in the green box in the image below). If you have not used Mediasite you will need to activate your account by emailing msanders@bsu.edu. If you already have a Mediasite account, you can use Mediasite Capture today. 

My Mediasite add a presentation screen.

Download After Recording with Mediasite Capture

Another benefit of using Mediasite Capture is that when you are done recording, you can easily download an MP4 copy of your video. While issues with Canvas or Mediasite are rare, having a copy of your video on OneDrive and being able to send students a link can be a good backup plan. Also, downloading your video gives you flexibility in the classroom because you can keep a copy on a thumb drive or your computer to play in class. 

Mediasite upload complete screen.

Update 2: Using Mediasite Features in Canvas Made Easier

You can now stay in Canvas and get to your Mediasite Dashboard to record new videos, edit videos, or delete videos. Only people with the role of Teacher will be able to access the Mediasite Dashboard within Canvas. 

Once you have entered a Canvas course you will: 

  1. Click on the Settings link in the Course Navigation menu. 
  2. Click on the Mediasite link. 
Canvas course details screen.
  1. Your Mediasite Dashboard will open in Canvas. 
Mediasite My Presentations dashboard.

Inserting Videos into Canvas 

To make Mediasite videos available to your students in Canvas, you need to insert a link or embed the video anywhere you see the Rich Content Editor (RCE) toolbar. The RCE is available in a Canvas Page, Assignment, Discussion Board, Quiz, or Quiz Question. 

  1. In your course click the Edit button for the Page, Assignment, Discussion Board, Quiz, or Quiz Question where you want to place a video. 
  1. Click the Apps button on the RCE, if you see an option for Mediasite you can skip to step 5. 
Canvas edit page screen.
  1. If you do not see Mediasite in the list, click the View All option. 
  1. If you clicked View All you will now select the Mediasite option. 
Canvas settings, all apps screen.
  1. Click the Apps button again and select Mediasite. 
Canvas edit page screen.
  1. The new interface will appear where you can Search, Upload/Record a new video, create a link to the video, or embed the video. We recommend embedding the video to make it easier for students to watch the video.
Mediasite dashboard screen.

Help us Capture your Thoughts and Ideas 

When you try Mediasite Capture let us know what you think and any creative ways you think of to use the new features so we can share with others. If you are new to Mediasite and need assistance getting started, let us know and we would be happy to help you. Email strategicrln@bsu.edu. 

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