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  • First-gen Pedagogy: Who are First-generation Students?

    How do we “view” our first-generation students? Who are they and what identities and backgrounds do they bring with them to the classroom beyond their first-generation status? From childhood memories of hanging out in academic offices to late night co-working sessions decades later as a graduate student, growing up with a mother who was a […]

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  • Six Tangible Ways to Support First-Generation Students

    Help first-generation and other students unfamiliar with higher education navigate the business of being a student with transparent course materials, agency, and guided learning through your course design. As a first-generation college student, neither of my parents (or their parents) attended college. The small and private, four-year liberal arts college I attended may as well […]

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  • Syllabus Disability Statements

    Rethinking Syllabus Disability Statements

    Consider how to craft a syllabus disability statement that students will read and will encourage them to seek help with their learning. When you include a disability statement on your syllabus, do your students…  Of course, we’d like to think that it’s always C. Unfortunately, many students at best ignore disability statements and at worst […]

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  • Two Ball State students pose in front of wings mural while making Cardinal sign

    Challenges Ball State Learners Face

    Learn more about who Ball State students are, the challenges they face in their academic and personal lives, and how this can impact your teaching. Every Fall and Spring, Ball State deploys a survey to students (online and in-person) through institution-wide Canvas announcements. This survey, which consists of about 40 questions, is designed to evaluate […]

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  • Course Reviews

    Is a Quality Matters+ Course Review Right for You?

    Discover the best path for an online course review through Quality Matters+ at Ball State. Revising or creating a new course is a laborious process. While higher education institutions around the globe transitioned to emergency remote teaching in 2020, building an effective online course for our learners requires strategic planning and thoughtful user experience design. […]

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