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  • Empty college lecture hall

    Announcing: Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research!

    Dr. Sundeep Rayat, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, will serve as the Ball State University Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research. This role, created through Strategic Imperative Funding, provides a unified strategy for coordinating pan-campus research of undergraduate students, faculty and staff with a goal of helping students to continue on to advanced degrees. […]

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  • Investigating ALS with Ice Bucket Challenge Dollars

    In July 2014, a strange craze swept the nation.  Celebrities, politicians, and everyday people took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC). Whether they were in professional suits, swimsuits, or shorts, challengers poured a bucket of ice or icecold water over their heads. If they weren’t that brave, they instead made a donation to the […]

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  • Malik Perry and his son, Malikai

    Family Leave Benefits for ALL

    A WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Superstar performs and plays “I’m a little teapot” with his daughter. The television ad from the U.S. Government’s Administration for Children and Families encourages dads to take a moment to make a moment. The tagline “Take time to be a dad today” is an ongoing effort to get dads to […]

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  • Dr. Trapper reviewing research data with a student

    Monitoring Athletic Potential on Earth and in Space

    Outstanding Researcher of the Year Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Scott Trappe, this year’s Outstanding Researcher of the Year Award winner, started thinking about where he would get his doctorate degree. As a masters student at the University of Colorado, he turned to his advisors for help. “I loved physiology and hoped I might make […]

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  • A Spectacular Sight

    For the first time in nearly 40 years, the United States experienced a total solar eclipse. It happened to occur on the first day of Ball State’s fall session. The majority of undergraduates weren’t even alive for the eclipse of 1979 in the U.S. Even though it was a total eclipse in some areas, it […]

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  • Dr. Katie Lawson teaching Psychology of Women

    A Gendered Occupational Study

    Since the 1960s, the United States has seen a large increase in the number of women who have entered the workforce due to increased access to education and opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of women in the workforce has jumped from 33.9 percent in 1950 to 59.0 percent in 2000. […]

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  • Chris Flook teaches Advanced Video Production.

    Two Passions Produce Award Winning Projects

    Outstanding Creative Endeavor of the Year Chris Flook may be in the Telecommunications Department at Ball State University, but he also has a love of history. Because of those two passions paired with immersive learning, he’s been named the 2017 Creative Endeavor Award Winner. “As a faculty member, the university has consistently given me really […]

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  • Where are they now?

    Dr. Stefania Aegisdottir appeared in our 2002 edition of Bene Facta magazine. She was profiled for her Distinguished Dissertation award for Icelanders’ and Americans’ Expectations about Counseling: Do Expectations Vary by Nationality, Sex, and Holland’s Typology? Aegisdottir worked at a local juvenile detention center for two years after earning her doctorate and then returned to […]

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  • Rivers of Research

    With a third of Americans getting their drinking water from rivers, according to, the health of those bodies of water is vital for people, animals and the environment. But what influence do humans have on those waterways? Ball State biology professor Mark Pyron is investigating this question by comparing North American river ecosystems that have been modified over […]

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  • Energy, Architecture, and Social Work

    Three of Ball State University’s junior faculty are hoping to make an impact in their fields of energy, architecture and social work. Their work may have far-reaching effects, which is why they were named this year’s 2015-16 research competition award winners. Separately, the trio, Tom Collins, Zhihai Li, and Matt Moore, is looking into effective energy conversion systems, […]

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