• Deliberate Innovation: Can students learn creativity?

    Most people do not ponder: “Can students learn math?” However, many wonder if creativity can be learned. Teachers don’t introduce addition, fractions, and calculus all at the same time. Instead, the discipline of math is broken down into mathematical concepts and processes, which are taught using deliberate strategies. Applying this approach to creativity may inspire […]

  • COVID-19 Resources

    Free Resources COVID-19 Preparedness: How ready is your county? This dashboard uses a host of factors — everything from the relative age of the population to the number of nearby hospital beds and staff — to determine which counties are best prepared for an outbreak and which might need more help. COVID-19 Dashboard by the […]

  • Academic Excellence Grants

    In 2016, Ball State University awarded 16 Academic Excellence Grants (AEG), totaling more than $4.2 million. Funded by several academic-oriented private funds in the Ball State University Foundation, these grants were created to ensure that departments were able to fully pursue goals and research initiatives that were centered on students and community engagement. We asked […]

  • Ball State’s New Budget Model: A tale of two colleges

    President Geoffrey S. Mearns has brought changes to Ball State since he began in 2017, including institutional initiatives and planned renovations and buildings on campus. Although not quite as glamorous, the new budget model is expected to further shape the potential of the University’s faculty and students. Ball State is changing from a centralized, incremental […]