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  • Image of Ball State campus

    Congratulations to the 2021 Three Minute Thesis Winners

    The Graduate School hosted Ball State University’s third annual Three Minute Thesis competition on Feb. 25. The competition, which challenges 10 finalists to condense the entirety of their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation research into a three-minute presentation (with just a single PowerPoint slide as a visual aid), produced three winners this year: We in […]

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  • 2020 Ball State University Student Symposium

    We are delighted that 84 students were flexible as we moved the annual event to a virtual Canvas Community. The Student Symposium was held, virtually, from April 15 – May 1. Participants loaded their presentations from the 15-22, and judging began on April 27. 2020 Student Symposium Program SPONSORED PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION AND THE GRADUATE SCHOOL […]

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  • Deliberate Innovation: Can students learn creativity?

    Most people do not ponder: “Can students learn math?” However, many wonder if creativity can be learned. Teachers don’t introduce addition, fractions, and calculus all at the same time. Instead, the discipline of math is broken down into mathematical concepts and processes, which are taught using deliberate strategies. Applying this approach to creativity may inspire […]

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  • A Boost for Aspiring Scientists

    “I’ve been given opportunities that undergraduates at other schools don’t get,” says Huicong Xie, biochemistry and pre-med, ‘11. That chance is due to the National Science Foundation’s Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program at Ball State. “The probability of using the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) machine at a big university for undergraduates is very small,” […]

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