Day: June 27, 2018

  • Celebrating Pride Month with Artist Roger Brown

    By Emily Horn, DOMA Intern Roger Brown was a leading member of the Chicago Imagist group, who created bold canvases and sculptural objects that explore America in the postwar era. His work is personal, provocative, and political with subjects that frequently touched upon urban isolation, alienation, sexual interest, natural disasters, and human tragedy. Throughout his prolific career […]

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  • Celebrating Pride Month with Artist David Hockney

    By Emily Horn, DOMA Intern David Hockney was way ahead of today’s ever-present selfies creating a multitude of self portraits. We are given access to Hockney’s world, from his early work, where he cheekily addressed his difficulties grappling with the Formalist art movement, to his most famous swimming pool and male nude paintings, to his later, more […]

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