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  • Dr. Joseph Marchal brings his research to the classroom, connecting first century texts with 21st century issues.

    Thinking About the Past

    The infectious worldview of this year’s outstanding research award recipient, Dr. Joseph Marchal With an almost old-fashioned finesse— wave-like hand gestures and an uneven baritone voice—Dr. Joseph Marchal, associate professor of religious studies,  introduces his academic scholarship with a simple description: “I live half my life in the first century and the other, in the […]

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  • Engaging WIPB’s Community

    For the past 47 years, WIPB, Muncie’s PBS station, has served 22 counties in east central Indiana and western Ohio. Now the station will be using a long-time  employee to guide its local content into the future. Lori Georgi started with Ball State University Media Services as a producer/director in 1991. Since then, Georgi has […]

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  • Bats Make the World and Tequila Go Around

    Without them, farmers would spend millions of dollars on pesticides, certain trees may not exist, and tequila lovers would be out of luck. Bats play an important role in our ecosystem, and if we lose them, the ecosystem could change quite a bit. A certain Ball State University researcher would know. Known fondly as the […]

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  • Investigating ALS with Ice Bucket Challenge Dollars

    In July 2014, a strange craze swept the nation.  Celebrities, politicians, and everyday people took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC). Whether they were in professional suits, swimsuits, or shorts, challengers poured a bucket of ice or icecold water over their heads. If they weren’t that brave, they instead made a donation to the […]

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