Yoko Shimazaki-Kilburn is a voice professor at Ball State. She is originally from Hamamatsu, Japan – home of the Yamaha Corporation as well as one of their largest piano factories.

“My inspiration in becoming a singer was an accumulation of multiple moments. Some examples include the times I mimicked the singers from “Takarazuka” show of “The Roses of Versailles” when I was little, being in the elementary school choir and experiencing the competition at the national finals, being on TV a few times singing pop and dancing, end of semester singing exams in middle and high schools, solo opportunities in various choral events, and many more.

“Unlike classroom teaching, I get to work with each of my students individually. Each student brings in his/her own unique sound, personality, experience, habits, interests, and challenges. I really enjoy figuring out creative ways to help each one of them grow as a singer and performer!” 📸: @jkwcreative