Jazz studies major Theo Garcia is from Fort Wayne, IN. Theo is one of the students who performed in New York City at Dizzy’s Club in spring of 2022! 

“This is my fourth year at Ball State and I’ve been playing trumpet for 12 years at this point. I was surrounded by music for all my childhood as my mom frequently sings around the house, and I participated in talent shows and played with my Church’s worship band before college. Playing music for others is what I enjoy most about playing, If I can bring a smile to a listener’s face then I know that I’ve been successful. 

“My favorite experience at Ball State so far has been the weekly Jams that members of the Jazz program host. There’s nothing quite like finishing a long day of classes, and then going to play good music with your friends, whether it be a tune that’s required, one we’re playing in a class, or just a new song that doesn’t get played very often. It’s always fun! Ball State is where my Mom went to college, and so that combined with the Jazz faculty that teaches here, studying here was an opportunity that I couldn’t possibly pass up. I’ve also really enjoyed the opportunity to create 1 on 1 connections with my teachers. That’s something I value greatly. 

“The thing I’m looking forward to the most on this trip is being able to play for my family in New York. They haven’t been able to come to a live performance of mine before and so I’m excited to have them all there!”