Sam Peters is a junior performance major from Portage, Indiana. 

 “I’ve been playing the bassoon for almost 10 years, but have been studying privately and pursing it seriously for 5 years. I was inspired to begin my career as a musician by many people, including my middle and high school band directors, and my high school private lesson teacher! 

“My favorite memory by far at Ball State would have to be any time I’ve played in the BSSO. We get to play so much amazing music, and every rehearsal brings me so much personal joy. I also have MANY memories of my private lessons with Dr. Keith Sweger that are always funny and enjoyable, because I get so much out of them through his fantastic and interesting analogies that I will never forget. 

“I chose Ball State because of the atmosphere and the personality of the people and mentors that are here in the School of Music. I felt completely welcomed and included from day one, and felt that there were amazing opportunities here that are offered to me as an undergrad that I knew I wouldn’t get anywhere else!”