Rebekah Weaver is a member of the Music Education faculty.

“I teach Percussion Techniques and co-teach Brass Techniques and Band Methods with Dr. Hourigan this semester. I also work with the music education practicum students and supervise student teachers. I taught percussion Techniques at Ball State and the University of Michigan when I was a graduate student, so that course is definitely a favorite of mine. I’m passionate about percussion education and enjoy helping future music educators feel more comfortable working with percussionists in school bands and orchestras. Of course, it’s a bonus that percussion instruments are super fun to play! 

“I began playing percussion in school band during 6th grade and have played the piano since the age of four. I didn’t start taking formal percussion lessons until I was accepted at Ball State as an undergraduate and am forever grateful for Dr. Erwin Mueller’s patience and guidance along the way! 

“Ball State has always been special to me since it is where I began studying music education. Now that I am here as a faculty member in the music education department, I have really appreciated being part of such a supportive and caring team. My colleagues are great! I’m also very happy to be back “home” as a cardinal again!”