Rachel Jordan is a senior clarinet performance major.

“Being able to perform regularly with the Ball State Symphony Orchestra for the past four years has exposed me to some amazing repertoire and pushed me to rise to the challenge to perform on a higher level each time. I have also been able to perform with various chamber groups and collaborate with other musicians, and through these I have built strong friendships. Additionally, the faculty at Ball State is incredible. Each faculty member cares about their students and wants them to succeed. One of the most important parts of my time here has been the time spent with my professor, Dr. Elizabeth Crawford. Through her excellent teaching and mentorship, she has helped shape me into the musician I am today.”

“On February 26 I will be performing the first movement of Carl Maria von Weber’s Concerto for Clarinet Op. 74, No. 2 with the BSSO. It has been a very busy season, as I am auditioning for graduate school and trying to balance school, life, and practicing. However, just like anything in life, I just take it a day at a time and make sure that I am practice efficiently and resting. I look at each day as a new opportunity to glorify God through making music.”

📸: @jkwcreative