Patricia Burton is a master’s student from Phoenix, Arizona studying cello performance and music education. Patricia will also be serving as the Graduate Assistant for Sursa Hall this coming year.  

“I have studied the cello since the 4th grade, so for about 15 years now. I honestly wanted to play the cello in the 4th grade because cellists do not have to stand up while playing and the bass was too big. I continued to play the cello because I loved the range and timbre of the cello and the solo repertoire is so expressive. 

“I decided to pursue my master’s degrees at Ball State because of Dr. Opie. He is an amazing cellist and teacher and I learned so much from him in the two lessons I had with him before deciding to audition and attend Ball State. I am so thankful to him for everything I learned this past year and am excited to continue studying with him this Fall! 

“My fondest memory of Ball State so far is playing as a full symphony at the end of the year. After a year of ensembles needing to be small because of social distancing, it was nice to have an opportunity to play as a full ensemble while following safety protocols. To hear a full brass section play the opening fanfare of Star Wars while also being on stage with the whole cello studio gave me chills.”