Max Engler, a senior cello performance major from Indianapolis.

“I was inspired to start playing an instrument by movie music that I heard as a kid. I loved the power music had to influence emotions and create atmosphere in movies. I didn’t immediately want to play the cello, but when I tried out the instruments at school, the cello is what I was drawn to. It just seemed to make sense. Being at Ball State, I’ve definitely become better at practicing. Other than that, I think I’ve really become myself. I’m doing what I love, and I’m doing it with people I love, which is all I’ve really wanted in my life. I’ve become a happier person. It’s really hard for me to pick just one happy moment. Almost all of them come from time spent with the friends I’ve made here, and usually when we’re all just goofing off and enjoying each others’ company. Finishing my recital is definitely up there, though.” 

📸: @jkwcreative