Sophomore music education major Mason Rutan is from Franklin, IN. 

“I’m a vocal general music education major (bass/baritone). I have been studying voice since the 4th grade and continued for the rest of my years in grade school. I started studying voice because I always enjoyed listening to music, and I had wonderful choral teachers in grade school. They always made me well welcome! 

“What made me choose Ball State over other universities is a couple different things. One being the atmosphere of campus in general. I loved how inviting the campus was and how close a lot of the students seemed during my tours. Second being the class sizes. I liked how in your core music classes there are no more than 25 students in the class. This allows for more individualized attention in the classroom with not only the professors, but also with your peers. 

“One of my favorite experiences that I’ve had so far at Ball State, is being able to perform with some of my closest friends with the Ball State University Singers. Being able to perform with many different genres/styles of songs and dances is always so rewarding in order to be a great musician. The Ball State University Singers is like one big family which makes it one of my favorite experiences at Ball State!”