Maggie Haley is a senior music education major and president of @united_sound an organization dedicated to promoting social involvement for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities through shared ensemble performance experience.

“I joined United Sound because I wanted to be able to experience new ways to teach and I wanted to be a part of something that was important. Last year, I was teaching clarinet to a woman who was easily frustrated and it was really rewarding to watch her grow as a musician and see the excitement she felt when she accomplished skills that she struggled with for a while. This year, I am teaching euphonium. The man that I’m teaching started off very shy, he still is quite shy but he’s been coming out of his shell and even after only 8 rehearsals he is so much more enthusiastic and ready to share his talents with more and more people. I have even been told that he has been chattier in his life outside of United Sound. I have also learned the importance of celebration. In my own education I am extremely focused on always getting better and I forget to recognize how far I’ve come sometimes and United Sound has reminded me that all we need to do better is to hear that we have done something good already. I think that I can take that experience into my life as an educator and in my everyday life. Positivity towards ourselves and others is a great way to progress.”

📸 @jkwcreative