Liz Felsted, a 3rd year Doctor of Arts student from Orlando, Florida studying clarinet performance with a secondary emphasis in piano.

“It has been very challenging since I began my degree at Ball State. I had to learn very quickly how to balance the demands of academic classes as well as practicing two different instruments and teaching my students. However, I have really enjoyed the challenge that each of these areas have provided me. I am so fortunate for all of the performance opportunities that I have been given during my time at Ball State. I have been given a lot of experience playing the E-flat clarinet in both the Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. I even got to play E-flat clarinet on Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra. Before coming here, I had very little experience playing this instrument but now I think I actually prefer it! I have also been able to play in many different chamber groups which I think is so beneficial both as a musician and a person. You get to create beautiful music and collaborate with great friends at the same time.” 

📸: @jkwcreative