Kelci Kosin is a full lyric soprano, in her fourth and final year of a Doctor of Arts degree studying voice performance with a secondary concentration in musical theatre studies. She is also our incredible Academic Advisor here in the School of Music!

“I am a “yes” person, so when opportunities come my way I typically say “yes” in hopes of meeting new people, making new music, and networking for future opportunities. When I found out that the School of Music opened a job search for the Upper Division Academic Advisor position, I was encouraged to apply by several individuals, so I did. Before accepting the position at Ball State, I was working a pretty significant amount of time for the YMCA of Muncie Association Office as the Administrative Assistant, managing two half assistantships in voice and with the Prism Project, completing coursework as a full-time student, and (most importantly) being a mom to two very sweet little boys. The thought of overloading myself if I were to accept the Academic Advising position while completing coursework and a list of other responsibilities was never a concern so I said YES to the opportunity. I started in February of 2018 and I have loved every minute of working in this position!

I am also serving as a part of the voice faculty this semester, teaching adjunct voice. Teaching voice in a collegiate setting is one of my biggest career goals aside from performing, so this opportunity is such a stepping-stone in my development as a professional. I am currently finishing the DA program and beginning work on my dissertation, so it will be an interesting chapter of life as I pursue professional endeavors here in the SOM while also wrapping up an incredibly rewarding academic chapter of my life. When I reflect on my time here in the School of Music, I have been incredibly blessed by opportunities to grow as a performer and as a professional. I don’t think it would be possible to say “thank you” enough to everyone here in the SOM that assisted me in navigating and surviving the DA program.”

📸: @jkwcreative