Katharine Wilhelm, a junior, mezzo-soprano from Indianapolis studying vocal performance.

“I have greatly enjoyed my time at Ball State University! The numerous performance and master class opportunities I have been given so far have helped me grow immensely as a performer and an individual. It was actually here at Ball State that I first really got involved and interested in opera. Without this school, I would not have discovered my passion for this art form.”

“I am excited to be playing the role of Hansel in “Hansel and Gretel” by Engel Humperdinck! As a mezzo-soprano, it is common to be cast as a young boy and these roles are called ‘pants roles.’ Playing a pants role is a fun challenge for me and stretches me as a performer – I have to completely rethink how I move and gesture on stage. But this show has given me an opportunity to improve my skills in that area. I also greatly enjoy the whole rehearsal process and watching everything come together!”

📸: @jkwcreative