Jon Truitt, director of opera and associate professor of music performance. When asked about some of the challenges and joys of producing an opera, Dr. Truitt shared:

“The challenge in putting together an opera is also the joy: putting on the best piece of art that we can with the limited resources that we have. This is the challenge of opera wherever it is produced in the world, and the joy comes when you sit out in the audience and see how much was able to be achieved by overcoming the limits placed on you. Whether the budget is a half a million dollars or just “tens of dollars”, getting as much art as you possibly can from whatever you’ve been given is intensely satisfying. It’s the part of being a director that I love perhaps most of all. I also truly love working with college students. I’ve worked with Met singers and singers from Europe even this year out in the “real world”, but there is a special joy that comes from helping college students discover just what they are capable of accomplishing and then seeing them do it with success.” 

📸: @jkwcreative